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LOCK UP INDUSTRIES PTY LTD - General Terms and Conditions - Queensland

1. Unless specified, painting of any kind is not included. It is recommended that the client paint the doors and/or frames as soon as possible following installation, as failure to paint doors and/or frames will void any warranty.
2. Unless specified, there has been no allowance for the provision of kick plates, door hardware, seals, decorative mouldings, skirting, decorative architraves, glass vision panels, air grills or special veneers.
3. Where possible parking is to be provided on site by the client.
4. Works with duration of longer than 14 working days will be progressively invoiced each 14 days until the completion of the works.
5. Where works involve welding and/or grinding, the client is to arrange, and responsible for, the isolation and reinstatement of any fire smoke alarms and/or detection systems which may be affected by the works.
6. Unless specified, electrical works (including security systems) of any kind have not been included in the quotation.
7. Unless specified, no allowance has been made for the presence or discovery of asbestos or mineral fibres, master keying and/or keying alike, the supply and/or installation (or reinstallation) of signage.
8. If works involve the replacement of doorframes, the finishing off to existing wall surfaces including render is specifically excluded. It is recommended that a specialist contractor undertake this works.
9. Unless specified all goods supplied are subject to the individual manufactures warranty and terms and conditions.
10. Unless specified, quotations are based on all works being completed as one package. Should any item/s be deleted or added to the quotation it will be deemed to be void and a new quotation will be required (unless a variation has been submitted by Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd and approved in writing by the client).
11. No works will be undertaken on account unless a credit application has been forwarded and approved by Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd.
12. Should the client not wish to establish a credit account with Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd a deposit of 50% of the total quoted cost is required prior to the manufacture or order of any materials. Payment is required in full prior to delivery of goods unless prior arrangements have been made.
13. Works will not be accepted unless this page has been signed by the client with the relevant details completed and returned to our office via email at admin@lockupindustries.com.au or mail (PO Box 516, Jimboomba, Qld, 4280).
14. Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd will not issue certification and will not tag doors and/or frames until works are completed and all outstanding invoices for completed works are settled and finalised in full.
15. The client is to note that Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd does not hold professional indemnity insurance.
16. Lead times for materials varies greatly and the client is advised to confirm material and labour lead times prior to acceptance of the quotation as delays in the progression of works due to material and labour lead times is considered beyond the control of Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd. Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any delays incurred if the client fails to confirm lead times prior to acceptance of the quotation.
17. Should the client dispute any charge relating to these works, payment will be due for all charges not in dispute with disputed charges to be advised in writing no later than 7 calendar days from the invoice date (the invoice date to be day ‘0') to Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd for resolution.
18. Quotations are valid for (28) days from the quotation date and if accepted after this time, may be subject to change to reflect the increase or decrease in material and/or labour costs.
19. Title of goods supplied does not pass until invoice is paid in full. Payment claims are made in accordance with the provisions of the Building and Construction Industry Act 2004.
20. Unless specified, price excludes after hours servicing. Business hours are from 7am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.
21. Quotations are presented on the basis that all information contained herein are kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any other party without the written consent of Lock Up Industries Pty Ltd.

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