Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Stopping

Passive Fire Stopping is an essential component of building fire safety.  Fire stop barriers are required to prevent the spread of smoke and fire both horizontally and vertically through service penetrations within a buildings structure or to adjoining properties.

Just like a fire door the objective is to prevent the spread of a fire. Examples of service penetrations include cable trays, cable bundles, HVAC services, bus bars, structural steel and plumbing services to name a few. All services running through the building are required to be adequately sealed horizontally or vertically by the use of various approved components of up-to 4 hours.

Lock Up Industries can ensure compliance with the National Construction Code of Australia and the Australian Standards.

We are accredited by the QBCC to carry out building audits and provide a register of service penetrations.

Some of our products include 

  • Fire Rated Pillows
  • Fire Collars
  • Intumescent Sealants
  • Fire Rated Mortars
  • Fire Rated Boards
  • Fire Spray Systems
  • Cable Coating Systems
  • Fire Dampers

Please feel free to call us for further information on how we can help your building comply with it's passive fire protection requirements.