Fire Door Repairs

Have a Fire Door that needs repairing?

Lock Up Industries are fully QBCC licensed to service and repair existing fire doors within your building to ensure they are functioning correctly and safely.

Fire doors can easily become non-compliant when the doors’ integrity has been modified or damaged. Often this is caused by constant wear and tear, alterations or modifications to fire doors, such as installation of non-fire rated locks, removal of the door closers, installation of dead bolts and hold open devices, etc. What may seem to be the smallest of modifications to a fire door can have a devastating effect on the protection of people and property in the case of a fire.

Lock Up Industries are also fully qualified and licensed builders and can complete building repairs if required. This means that even if you need a wall repaired or rebuilt as part of your fire door repairs, we can assist. 

Lock Up Industries also provides pressed metal door frame repairs and replacements with onsite welding services provided to all types of frames including stainless steel.

So whether you simply need a fire door repaired or replaced, or there is a bit more to it, Lock Up Industries can get it done.